January 04, 2005

Las Vegas4Newbies:

What you need to know


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January 01, 2004


1: Las Vegas Overview
1.1: Early history of the city
1.2: How things have changed!
1.3: Weather in the desert.
1.4: The best time to go
1.5: Geography of Las Vegas
1.6: Leave the kids at home

2: Las Vegas! "Here we come!"
2.1: Planning ahead is a must
2.2: What's it gonna cost?
2.3: OK, How do we get there?
2.4: What should I bring with me?
2.5: Airlines: Getting the best rate
2.6: Vacation packages
2.7: Arrived! Getting to the hotel

3: Sorting out the hotels
3.1: Which hotel should I book ...and why
3.2: All rooms are not equal
3.3: Getting the best hotel deal
3.4: Hotel ratings ...what to believe
3.5: Getting a low price at a good hotel
3.6: Recommended hotels
3.7: Best hotels for the first
.8: Checking in to your hotel
3.9: Slot machines & casinos everywhere

4: Getting around the city
4.1: Getting from here to there
4.2: Walking: The casino crawl
4.3: Cabs are an option
4.4: Buses ...and the strip trolley
4.5: Monorails and trams
4.6: Rental cars can be a burden

5: Attractions & sightseeing
5.1: Things to do on the Strip
5.2: Promotions and coupon books
5.3: Downtown Las Vegas
5.4: Other attractions nearby
5.5: Sightseeing tours
5.6: Side trip to Laughlin

6: Entertainment & Shows
6.1: Getting married in Las Vegas
6.2: After the sun goes down6.3: Best long running shows
6.4: Getting the best deals
6.5: What or who is playing now
6.6: The hot Vegas night clubs
6.7: Bars, lounges & comedy clubs
6.8: Seamy side of Sin City

7: Dining in Las Vegas
7.1: Restaurants: The choices you have
7.2: The legendary Las Vegas buffet
7.3: Sunday brunch
7.4: The best gourmet restaurants
7.5: Finding a restaurant

8: Shopping in Las Vegas
8.1: Shopping Malls on/near the strip
8.2: Hotel shopping malls
8.3: Bargain shopping at outlet malls
8.4: Souvenirs

9: Four day walking tour
9.1: Sunday: Getting adjusted
9.2: Monday: Center strip stroll
9.3: Tuesday: South strip stroll
9.4: Wednesday: North strip stroll
9.5: Evening: Downtown Las Vegas

10: Sensible gambling
10.1: Gambling in Nevada
10.2 Slot machines & Video poker
10.3: Casino games not to play!
10.4: Blackjack ...a chance at winning
10.5: Other casino table games

11: Heading back home
11.1: Checking out of the hotel
11.2: Heading to the airport